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Multilingual student blog has started

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KAI Japanese Language School (KAI) today announced that it has launched a blog site where their multi-national students write about Tokyo’s current situation and their student life in their mother languages.

Student blog site: KAI Gambalog!

The students from around 40 countries usually study Japanese language at KAI Japanese Language School. This blog was created as a place where this many multinational students can send information about Tokyo’s current situation, their school life and daily life, etc. to their families, friends and those in their home countries who worry about the learning environment in Tokyo after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The purpose is to send information to their home countries, so the posts aren’t written in Japanese, but their native languages. There are posts in English, Swedish, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Norwegian and Indonesian at this moment. About five to ten students make teams and each of them will send information in elaborate and unique ways. 
We would like to send information about the unchanged exciting Tokyo and real life of our students who keep studying as usual even after the 3.11 earthquake and Fukushima nuclear power plant accident to the world.

Background of this project

After the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, many of our students went back to their home countries. Some came back to the spring term in April, but those who decided to delay or cancel their return to Japan aren’t a few. In addition, we hear most of them who returned to school had to spend quite a lot of time and effort to persuade their parents who’re worried so much by their home countries’ news. All of them told there’s a gap between the reality of current Tokyo and the news.
We have been trying to send the information about Tokyo and our school as correctly as possible through our website and Facebook. But since the main languages are Japanese and English, it is very difficult to reach those who don’t understand these 2 languages. Also we have felt the limitation to send out the information as it’s from the school. On the other hand, we thought if the students who are back and keep studying here themselves tell the situations of current Tokyo, it would be more lively and real. And the families and friends overseas can definitely feel more relieved. These are the main reasons why we started this project.